Naval Vessel
Cavour Aircraft
Cavour Aircraft

The Aircraft carrier, with 27,000 tonnes, 244 metres length and with its ability to accommodate up to 1,200 people on board, is the largest, most modern and most prestigious military units built by the Italian Republic. The high automation and sophisticated electronics and telecommunications which has, will allow it to direct and control the most modern naval operations and complex national and international, maintaining the Navy to those high levels of operation that are only heritage most important Marines world.
The unit will achieve greater and more flexible capacity especially for use perfectly adaptable to the different operational situations.

Main Characteristics
Marina Militare Italiana
Aircraft Carrier

Length overall 244.00 m
Length between perpendiculars 215.60 m
Breadth moulded 39.00 m
Full load displacement 27,500 tonnes
Flight deck 232.6x34.5 m
Hangar 134.2x21.0 m
H.T. steel hull and superstructures    
Stability and buoyancy according to Italian Navy std.    
NBC protection    
Shock protection of vital equipment    
Low underwater radiated noise signature control    
Aviation facilities for fixed-wing aircraft AV-8B Harrier    
and JSF and helicopters EH101, AB212, NH 90, SH3D    
AVIO/GE LM2500 Gas Turbines (COGAG)    
Maximum Continuous Power 4 x 22 MW
Fincantieri Feathering C.P. propellers 2  
Max. sustained speed (85 % MCR) 29 knots
Range at 16 knots 7,000 NM
6 Generating sets Wrtsil CW 12V200 2200 kW each    
2 Shaft Generators 2200 kW each    
Primary power 660V - 50Hz through passive distribution ring    
2 Rudders    
HVAC in all living and operational spaces    
6 reverse osmosis desalinators (70 t/day each)    
2 couples active-fin stabilizers    
Bow and stern thruster    
Stern and side ramp    
2 aircraft lifts (forward and stb. aft)    
4 landing crafts (LCVP)    
Flag Officers and VIPs 5  
Ships Complement 486  
Amphibious Command Task Force 140  
Aircrew 211  
Troops 360 + 90  
Total 1,202 + 90  
1 2DA/Su Surveillance radar    
1 3D Multifunctional radar    
1 2D Long range surveillance radar    
1 Navigation radar    
Navigation/Meteorological sensors    
1 Navigation/mine avoidance sonar    
1 ESM system    
Anti-torpedo towed array sonar    
2 Radar/EO Fire Control System    
2 IFF Systems    
1 IR surveillance System    
WASS SNA-2000 Mine Avoidance Sonar    
1 ESM electronic system derived by Andrea Doria    
1 WASS SLAT Tower array (included in the anti torpedoes defence system)    
2 Selex-SI NA-25 Fire control radar's    
1 IFF Selex-SI SIR-R system (1 phased array antenna + 2 conventional)    
1 IR surveillance system Galileo SASS    
Command Management System    
Navigation & Metoc System    
Integrated Int./Ext. Comm System    
Integrated EW System    
2 short range defence systems    
3 secondary caliber guns    
4 (8-cells) SAM Vertical launchers    
2 ECM transmitter units    
2 rockets and flares launchers    
2 Anti Torpedo decoy launchers