Naval Vessel
The history of Fincantieri in the field of naval vessels counts over 2,000 vessels built for the Italian Navy and many foreign navies.
Fincantieri is able to design and build a wide range of surface ships, aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels, in addition to support ships and submarines. 

Ships are assisted throughout the course of their whole life with the provision of logistical support and post sales services as the company is able to guarantee both planning of maintenance and the execution of work of an ordinary or extraordinary nature and refitting at Fincantieri facilities or at a site chosen by the customer. 

The company is the reference partner of the Italian Navy for the design, construction and logistical support of the surface fleet and submarines in addition to boasting a consolidated relationship with other State bodies.
Fincantieri has well-proven products, which provide high operating standards alongside optimised costs thanks to the use of design and construction solutions tried and tested in the merchant field. 

The company can work as Warship Design Authority and Prime Contractor.
In the naval field Fincantieri provides its customers with a dedicated structure made up of a design centre in Genoa and a flexible, integrated production system of two shipyards at Muggiano and Riva Trigoso.
Fincantieri is partner to some of the main companies in the defence sector within the framework of supranational programmes. The more recent co-operations have included one with the German Submarine Consortium for the construction of submarines for the German and Italian Navies, one with the French company DCN in the Orizzonte and FREMM programmes, and one with the team of Lockheed Martin Corp in the programme of Littoral Combat Ships for the US Navy.