The success achieved by Fincantieri in the cruise ships business stems from a long tradition.
Already in the early 1900s the two shipbuilding centres of Genoa and Trieste were unrivalled players at world level building ships which already then stood out for their design, elegant interior furnishings and engineering solutions.
Of the many ships built the Rex is worthy of special mention as possibly the most famous, classical Italian transatlantic liner, the epitome of luxury and elegance. Built at Genoa shipyard, the Rex is remembered for winning the Blue Riband in 1933, having beaten the record for crossing the Atlantic, a record won by few other transatlantic liners. 

Fincantieri was one of the first in the 1980s to take up the opportunity of the new trend in the cruise tourist industry and it approached the market by drawing on its experience and prestige acquired in previous decades as builder of transatlantic liners. 

The Crown Princess, delivered in 1990, is perhaps one of the most beautiful ships of our time with its dolphin skyline evoking the sea, designed by Renzo Piano. This ship is the forefather of a fleet of over 50 cruise ships built by Fincantieri, flag bearers of technology and design, engineering capacity and creativity.
The leadership gained with a distinctive product “Made in Italy”, is the result of top quality and a privileged relationship with the best international customers. 

Our customers, who are mainly the world’s leading cruise companies, know they can rely on an integrated construction system which exploits, in addition to one of the world’s most advanced industrial procedures and processes, a large and qualified network of subcontractors and suppliers who provide furnishings, supply services and create interiors with the care and attention of our best tradition of craftsmanship and the class of all-Italian design.
Thanks to its constant attention to Research and Innovation, Fincantieri continually develops new generations of ships in order to follow, indeed often anticipate, demand from the market and ship owners. 

Fincantieri serves all the sectors of the cruise market with a wide range of vessels which includes postpanamax and panamax ships as well as medium-small super luxury vessels or ships for special voyage types (expedition cruise, etc.)