Saturday, June 26, 2004
Today, at Fincantieri’s shipyard at Venice-Marghera there was the launch of the cruise ship, the “Arcadia” which was ordered by the Carnival Group for P&O Cruises and is due for delivery in spring 2005.
Representing Fincantieri at the ceremony there was Enrico Buschi, Executive Vice President of the Cruise Ship Business Unit, and Paolo Capobianco, Director of the shipyard, whilst on behalf of the shipowner , there was David Dingle, the Managing Director of P&O Cruises and Carnival UK.
The 16-deck ship has 82,500 gross tonnes, is 290 metres long and 32 wide and will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 24 knots. The “Arcadia” has 1,477 cabins, of which 998 for passengers, 86% with a sea view and 69% with a balcony, and will have a maximum capacity of 3,400 - 2,534 passengers (1,996 lower berths) and 866 crew members.
In building this vessel Fincantieri has gained a new, prestigious Carnival brand whose British target market is one of the most dynamic worldwide, recording interesting growth rates in recent years.
The “Arcadia” will be the flagship of P&O Cruises and the largest ship conceived and built expressly for the British market, whose typical customer profile is highly discerning.
The ship will have a three tier theatre, an extensive fitness and health area, a pub and a number of different restaurants; its decorations will include a large number of works by British artists.
The launch of the “Arcadia” marks an expansion and consolidation of Fincantieri’s activities in the British market, activities which will be further strengthened in 2007 when the same shipyard is due to deliver a ship for a sister brand of P&O Cruises.
Proof of its flexible design and construction capacity is the fact that today Fincantieri is building for six different brands in the Carnival Group, providing each of them with cutting edge vessels tailored to meet the specific requirements of each owner.
To date, Fincantieri has built 29 ships for the Carnival Group and through its Cruise Ship Business Unit – supported by a workforce of approximately 4,500, a design centre which is the largest in Europe and three shipyards – is the world leader with a market share of over 50%.